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Project to Improve Stormwater Quality


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Project to Improve Stormwater Quality

Mick Callan

Bathurst Regional Council is continuing its work on improving the quality
of stormwater that is captured in the CBD and makes its way into the
Macquarie River.

Council has installed two gross pollutant traps within the stormwater pits
in the CBD, one in Howick Street, the other in William Street.

Mayor of Bathurst Cr Gary Rush said the infrastructure, which is hidden
below ground, might not be visible, but plays an important role in
improving stormwater quality.

“The traps are designed to capture litter and silt from the footpath, road
and gutter before they can enter the stormwater network. Litter and other
items can easily end up in our local creeks, many of which feed into the
Macquarie River via stormwater drains.  Baskets or traps such as these can
minimise the quantity of litter in the network but it is important to
remember that every piece of litter including cigarette butts, can do damage
to our local environment."

The project builds on previous work undertaken by Council through the Hey
Tosser! Campaign which raises awareness of litter related issues and
improved infrastructure to minimise littering.

“The pollutant traps are designed to be emptied on a regular basis and the
contents sent to landfill.  This project is a pilot study and the results
will be monitored to determine the effectiveness of the traps with the view
to potentially expanding their use throughout the CBD,” Cr Rush said.

Stormwater from the CBD makes its way through a series of urban creeks that
ultimately flow into the Macquarie River.

Signage will be installed to raise awareness of the pollutant traps and to
encourage residents to dispose of rubbish responsibly to prevent damage to
the environment.

The project was provided by the Environment & Waterways Alliance and Central Tablelands Local Land Services through funding from the Australian Government's National Landcare Programme and NSW Catchment Action and Bathurst Regional Council.