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Grants & Awards

Strengthening Rural Communities - Small & Vital Grants Program
to Jan 17

Strengthening Rural Communities - Small & Vital Grants Program

Foundation for Rural & Regional Renewal gives small rural, regional and remote communities across Australia the opportunity to access funds that can benefit and help secure their future prosperity.

Strengthening Rural Communities (SRC) Small and Vital grants can be used for a wide range of purposes including:
- Delivering activities, programs and services;
- Purchasing or hiring equipment and materials;
- Community infrastructure projects;
- Operational and administrative costs associated with your project will be considered. This could include wages, paying a skilled contractor, or paying for overhead costs incurred in the project’s delivery.

Applications must clearly demonstrate a focus on one activity from the following seven activity areas.
1. Building community resilience
2. Developing organisational resilience and capacity
3. Enhancing environmental sustainability
4. Fostering cultural vibrancy
5. Lifelong learning and education
6. Economic strength
7. Improving community health and social wellbeing

The following applications will be prioritised:
- Projects initiated and delivered by local community groups.
- Applications from communities fewer than 15,000 people.
- Organisations that do not have Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR) Tax status.

Click here to view full funding guidelines on the provider's website.

rural communities.jpg
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NSW Environmental Trust & NSW EPA - Aboriginal Land Clean Up & Prevention Program
to Sep 26

NSW Environmental Trust & NSW EPA - Aboriginal Land Clean Up & Prevention Program

The NSW Environmental Trust & NSW EPA Aboriginal Land Clean Up & Prevention Project funds projects which deliver an integrated approach to combat illegal dumping through active engagement and collaboration between government, land managers and local communities.

Under Waste Less Recycle More Extension the Aboriginal Land Clean Up and Prevention (ALCUP) aims to
- Reduce the impacts of illegal dumping on Aboriginal land through clean up and prevention activities
- Build and maintain collaborative approaches and partnerships to help manage and reduce the occurrence of illegal dumping
- Integrate deterrence, surveillance and monitoring measures and community education to prevent illegal dumping activities on Aboriginal land
- Incorporate cultural activities that enable Aboriginal people to care for Country, engage in knowledge sharing and gain skills and employment in land management

The priorities for the funding reflect the EPA's commitment to deliver an integrated approach to combat illegal dumping through active engagement and collaboration between government, land managers and local communities.

Eligible applicants:
- NSW Local Aboriginal Land Councils;
- local councils;
- government agencies;
- non-governmental organisations;
- consultants and
- other entities working in partnership with a Local Aboriginal Land Council.

The program will remain open until grant funds are exhausted or until 5pm on 30 September 2019.

Click here to view full funding guidelines on the provider's website.

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Gone Fishing Day Grants
to Sep 27

Gone Fishing Day Grants

Gone Fishing Day grants help recreational fishing clubs run community fishing events and activities in their own local area on the NSW Gone Fishing Day - 20 October 2019.

Funding can be spent on items required to run a local Gone Fishing Day event and associated activities on or around 20 October 2019, such as casting and fishing workshops, information sessions and other fishing activities. This includes items such as fishing gear, bait, food and drinks, equipment hire, hire or chartering of specialist fishing services etc.

Activities which involve restoring fish habitat on the Fishing Day are also eligible, such as replanting and/or weeding creek banks.

Click here to view full funding guidelines on the provider's website.

Gone Fishing Day.jpg
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Australian Geographic Society Project Sponsorships
to Nov 30

Australian Geographic Society Project Sponsorships

Australian Geographic Society Project Sponsorships

Supports Australian scientists, community organisations and individuals in developing projects across the key areas of science, environment, adventure and community.

Each calendar year the Australian Geographic Society donates generously to maintain its programme of sponsorship of Australian adventurers, scientific and environmental research, and community projects. Over the years it has spent much time and effort supporting Australian endeavour in all these fields.


Project Sponsorships are on offer (grants up to $10,000 in four categories: science, environment, adventure, community).

Twice yearly, up to $30,000 is made available for Australian Geographic Society Project Grants. Funding provided by the Society for Project Sponsorship target all four Project Categories. Each application will be assessed against the following criteria:
- What is the aim of the project/event?
- How will the project/event benefit the local community/Australians?
- Is the project consistent with the aims of the Society?
- How will the recipient communicate the goals of the project to a wide audience?

Please note that a maximum of $10,000 can be allocated to any one project, however the majority of project sponsorships given are for less than this amount. The average project sponsorship is for $1500.

Click here to view full funding guidelines on the provider's website.

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Regional Community Energy Fund - Round 2
to Sep 27

Regional Community Energy Fund - Round 2

The Regional Community Energy program funds community energy projects in regional NSW to increase renewable energy generation, improve energy security and help communities to save money on electricity bills.

The maximum funding for each project is capped at 50 per cent of total project costs or $3.5 million, whichever is lower (project funding cap).

Solar Panels.jpg

Funding will be awarded in proportion to the size of the project proposed. It is designed to help make a new scale and type of community energy project achieve a reasonable return on investment (ROI) and provide a community benefit. Because of this, applicants should only apply for funding
amounts to help them achieve these outcomes.

Eligible Expenditure will include capital expenditure on technology and equipment costs, grid connection and any civil or construction works.
Up to 10 per cent of funding can be used for detailed design expenses, including detailed electrical and construction design and network technical studies.

Projects must be located in regional NSW and connect to the NSW region of the National Electricity Market (NEM). Projects located in metropolitan areas will not be considered for funding.

Click here to view full funding guidelines on the NSW Government website.

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Habitat Action Grants
to Sep 20

Habitat Action Grants

The Habitat Action Grants are funded from the Recreational Fishing Trusts which direct funding generated by the NSW Recreational Fishing Fee towards on-ground actions to improve fish habitat and recreational fishing in NSW.

Angling clubs, individuals, community groups, local councils and organisations interested in rehabilitating fish habitats in freshwater and saltwater areas throughout NSW can apply for small grants of $2,000 or large grants of up to $40,000.

Habitat rehabilitation projects which may be funded include:

  • removal or modification of barriers to fish passage

  • rehabilitation of riparian lands (river banks, wetlands, mangrove forests, saltmarsh)

  • re-snagging waterways with timber structure

  • removal of exotic vegetation from waterways and replace with native species

  • bank stabilisation works

  • reinstatement of natural flow regimes

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Ecological Society of Australia Community Fund
to Sep 30

Ecological Society of Australia Community Fund

ESA Community Fund

Ecological Society of Australia offers a grant towards an Ecology & Education project, initiative, activity, or event to be held in Australia in the coming year.

Do you have a great idea for an ecology & education event or initiative?

Fill out your details below and upload a short ~300 word promotional blurb for the event or initiative and photo. We’ll put the blurb up on the ESA website and the Community Fund members will vote on which project they’d like to fund.

Applications are open until 30 September and the winning entry will be announced in late October.

Conditions & criteria:- You don’t need to be an ESA member to apply but you must demonstrate how your initiative fits this year’s theme of “Ecology & Education”.- Whilst individuals are able to apply, grant funds must be distributed to an organisation with DGR status (non-profits, universities etc). Please ensure you able to receive funds this way.- The organiser must hold appropriate insurances for their event/initiatives and ensure all appropriate risk management has been undertaken.- You will be required to mention the support of the ESA Community Fund in the promotion of your event/initiative.- The initiative is to be delivered within 12 months of receiving funding.- A final report and budget reconciliation must be provided to ESA at the completion of event/initiative.

Click HERE to view full funding guidelines on the provider's website.

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Community Building Partnerships
to Sep 27

Community Building Partnerships

Community Building Partnerships Program

Funds community infrastructure projects that: promote community participation, inclusion and cohesion; deliver positive social, environmental, and recreational outcomes.

Incorporated not-for-profit community organisations and local councils are eligible to apply for grants between $2500 and $330,000. The average grant awarded is around $20,000.

Projects with contributions from their own or other sources will be considered favourably. Local councils, including their section 355 committees, are required to provide matched funding to the CBP grants.

As total funding will be divided equally among the state electorates of NSW, applications will be assessed against other proposed projects within the same electorate.

Grants need to be for:

- Construction of new community infrastructure

- Refurbishment, repair and maintenance of existing community infrastructure

- Capital equipment with a minimum individual asset value of $2500.

Click HERE to view full funding guidelines on the provider's website.

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Women's Leadership Development - Local Government Scholarships
to Sep 13

Women's Leadership Development - Local Government Scholarships

A pool of scholarships are currently available for women working local government to participate in a range of leadership courses. The grants are allocated with the specific intent of providing powerful and effective development opportunities for women serving in Local Government.

All scholarships are partial grants which cover a percentage of the total program fee and will be awarded on a set of selection criteria being met.

Funding of between $3,000 and $7,000 is available, dependent on the leadership course undertaken. For full details and to apply, please click the button below.

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